Moistys bag needs something...?

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Moistys bag needs something...?

Postby moistymoe » Tue May 13, 2008 10:05 pm

as of right now I'm keeping my bag pretty simple(atleast as simple as I can)
Here's what I got:
Distance: Working with 2 Flashes right now, 1 Z 1 ESP, also have a wraith I'm messin with
Fairway:Teebirds and lots of em' got 3 champs, 2 stars and 3 DX might take the stars out because they are getting to slippery for my moist hands
Mids:Rocs! Carry 6 Rocs around 1 new 3 i'm beating in and 2 fairly beat, still trying to learn to throw these of the teepad any tips?
Putters:Wizards, got 2 soft for putts and 1 soft that feels like a firm for drives and close shots

Any idea on what I'm missing, maybe a pred or firebird?
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Postby WraithMe » Tue May 13, 2008 10:33 pm

You are definitely missing an overstable distance/utility driver. I swear by Champ Firebirds but there are plenty of good alternatives from which to choose. Sorry to see you bought into the wizard hype LOL, just kidding really :) but I can't stand those things.

As for throwing Rocs off the pad what are the issues you are having? If it's wobble you may need to experiment with your grip and or the plane of your follow through. Ideally the disc angle will match that of your arm "swing" for a typical shot. If they are not wobbling in flight but are turning turning over they may be too beat or you may need to increase the amount of hyzer angle on your throw. I really love new rocks, I love the beautiful, gliding, sweeping fade they have. The fade disappears in about a day for me though :( and although most people like that I don't.

If only champ Rocs weren't fundraiser only, I would find out if they are the perfect disc I imagine them to be.
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Postby Smoke » Wed May 14, 2008 3:58 am

WraithMe wrote:If they are not wobbling in flight but are turning turning over they may be too beat

A Roc too beat?! Blasphemy. To assist with not being able to fire them from the teepad, try adding just a touch more height to them then you would your driver.

Also you may try checking out Champ Orc or a Z Crush. I am not to fond of the Star and ESP plastics, but if you like them, you could check out a crush or orc in those plastics as well.
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