Too many discs :)

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Too many discs :)

Postby WraithMe » Thu May 15, 2008 2:36 pm

I just splurged on 5 new discs for the hell of it and I'd like your opinion's on which I should use.

My current setup is:

(Max D) - 172 Champ Wraith 169 Star Destroyer, almost identical I'll probably choose the Wraith though as it seems to fade more consistently)

(Overstable) - 175 Champ Firebird

(Long Range Control drivers) - Broken in 175 Ch. Orc, Broken in 169 Ch. Orc, Beat to Hell 171 Champion Firebird; The orcs are very similar I use them for long s-curves in the woods; The firebird I use for dead straight long shots)

(Understable) - Beat Champ RoadRunner; I use it for rollers and hard turning long hyzer flips.

(Midrange) - Broken in Dx Roc ; 0 Fade; I use it mainly in the open on holes that are 280-310 feet.

(Putt/Apprach) - Champ Classic Roc, used for most drives under 280'; JK Aviar approaches and putts.

So I'm confident in my discs, but I like to throw new plastic. I now have all new:
174 Ch. Banshee
176 Ch. Coyote
171 Ch. Starfire
175 Ch. Gator
175 SEX (star EagleX)

I can't fit all those and my others in the bag so which of those do you think I should use? I'm definately going to use the Starfire for my low-medium headwind drives. I'm thinking the coyote can replace the roc (I like Champion plastic). The gator should be fun :) And the EagleX can replace one of my Overlapping Orcs.

Would a Banshee be short enough in comparison to a FireBird to be useful?
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Postby Mike-S » Thu May 15, 2008 2:53 pm

The Coyote isnt going to fly very differently from your Roc, it will feel different though. I also think your Firebird can already do everything the Banshee will.

I also think the wraith, destroyer and orc are all overlap. They're all high speed drivers with some high speed turn and a decent amount of fade. I would pick one and drop the other two.

I say-

2 Firebirds
Eagle X
Roc or Coyote
Classic Roc
Tree Magnet
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Postby WraithMe » Thu May 15, 2008 3:45 pm

I thought the Coyote would be very similar, I'm just hoping it's stable enough for my taste.

My Orcs are beat in whereas my Wraith is new So they fly quite differently, plus my Wraith gets me that extra 20' :) I'll probably use the setup you described and keep the wraith for open max D shots.

I've got my hands on the discs now but it's raining :( I think you are right about the Banshee so I'll probably keep it unthrown, but Damn it feels good in the hand!

I'm excited to throw the starfire and eagle, it's been a while since I have owned a disc aside from the FireBird that even mild headwinds didn't drastically alter the flight.
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