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If you would like to share your dye methods, send me an e-mail and I will post it here.
Posted: 7-10-05
Submitted by Patrick

*Disclaimer*: Acetone is on the list of known/suspsected carcinogens. Be very careful and health conscious and make sure this is done in a well-ventilated area. Also of note, Acetone will take the stamps off of discs.

Alright guys ive been messing around with some dyeing tecniques from this site and a few new ones, alright heres what i find.

for champion, pro, elite z and x ive found that the acetone and rit dye mix works best, for portions i tend to fill the bottom of a cut open soda can with the desired amount of dye, and pour in just enough acetone to soak all the dye, this will make a more liquidy mix than powder and liquid dye but not too runny or too pasty for my dying tecniques.

best masking glue good ol elmers glue, write your name, do som cool patterns whatever the hell you want! see difference in sharpness in lines the red white gator champ was masked w/ elmers and i masking taped the yellow red buzzz wish i had glued...

advantages to using a more runny dye is smoother finish and you can put it on over a hotstamp and if not rubbed much the hotstamp will show up OVER the dye and look like a factory dye, this does cause the hotstamp to fade sooner, but it looks aswome this mainly works on elite z and champ plastic (the red/yellow-green champ eagle in photo was used two rounds as main driver including rubbing against other discs walking and removing from bag, and the stamp wore to the condition in the pic)

now i decided i will share my special spin dying tecnique... alright i tested some spinning buckets with ropes (green/yellow z glide test subject) and all that stuff i was trying but i found something that really works. all you need is a drill, a hole saw bit for the drill a bucket with a larger diameter than the disc. drill a hole in the bottom of the basket. Use the hole saw bit upsidedown and tape it to the center of the bottom of the frizbee now put the bit through the bucket and connect it to the drill, so the drill spins the frizbee inside the still bucket. You either need to stand the bucket on bricks or something to make room for the drill underneath, or have someone hold it for you. now you can either take two routes, splash some thinner dye on the disc then spin it with the drill so that it spins around or use a thicker dye mix and drop it on while the disc is spinning. as any craft, practice is necessary to get the results you want. (see champ eagle pic i feel the dye is over done, i was carried away in the new tecnique...)

now what everyone has been wondering is how the hell do you dye a dx plastic disc? well i have found a formula that will bond to dx plastic, yet still tends to fade a little much, which results in a cool look, but you cant get the vibrant colors you can on more expensive plastics. even though i would love to find a way to get more vibrant colors on dx plastic, this is what works best so far. mix 75% acetone, 25% white vinegar with the desired amount of dye, well microwave (covered if you eat out of the thing) for about 25-45 seconds and apply asap...

hope these help the home dye processes evolving, and if anyone improves on these methods, i would love to know, email me thatdirtykid@gmail.com

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